Barton And Caspar Are Flip-Fucking For ChaosMen

Ooooo, am I into big, brawny, hairy, possibly-angry-when-blown Caspar. I’m boned for you, too, Barton. But beardo Caspar has caught my eye. That one pic below of him adjusting his fuzzy buttcheeks as he rides Barton’s big dick? Can I get that framed? Those buttcheeks. I’m licking my lips. I want to dine out there. […]

Do People Actually Work Out At David Barton Gyms?

Now I’ve never been to a David Barton gym, but I’ve heard… well, things. The facilities have more of a reputation for their cruising potential than their ability to get you fit. In fact, someone in our office says they know someone who has a membership for David Barton and a membership to another gym […]

ChaosMen Is Having A Labor Day Sale! 4 Days For 4 Dollars!

That thrusting motion by Barton into Dakota Payne’s ass means that ChaosMen is having a sale! Get it – Barton’s hard at work and it’s Labor Day Weekend? I’m just going to move along and get into it. You can get four days on the site for exactly $4! Use this link, and enjoy more […]

ChaosMen Spring Sale! $9.95 for 15 Days!

ChaosMen’s having a Spring Sale! They’re offering a trial membership of 15 days for $9.95! If you’re unwaware of the raw realness of ChaosMen, check out Barton and Vander below. Hairy otter dudes bareback fucking for their lives! Use this link to get the sale. – Michael Xavier

What Were The Results Of All Those Pervy Surveys You Posted?

I’m always asking you beautiful sluts your opinions. And it’s only right that I show you what won out on all those dumb surveys I make you take. Here goes! – Michael Xavier Remember back in February when I asked you which POTUS you would fuck? (I left Trump off the list because I don’t […]

A Collision Of Dicks At ChaosMen

This pic made me think of that post title. That’s just two dicks exploring each other. Saying hi. Gearing up to spray jizz all over ChaosMen’s shoot bedroom! Barton and Jackson shot a hot scene, with the two of them demonstrating that they’re insatiable for each other. Insatiable enough to flip-fuck! But Barton was down […]

ChaosMen: How Do You Feel About Scenes With No Fucking?

First off, I’d like to thank Barton and Sean Peyton from ChaosMen for assisting me in this post. The latest “Serviced” scene features them doing everything BUT fucking (that’s “but” fucking not ” butt-fucking”). They jerk each other off. Big, meaty asses get chowed on, and cocks get sucked. Wow, do cocks get sucked. True, […]

Who Would You Rather?: Sexy Gay Santa Edition

The contestants for today’s edition of Who Would You Rather consist of Google search results for “Sexy Gay Santa”. We’re not ashamed to admit one of them is licking a candy cane in a very suggestive manner. Because, seriously, that picture isn’t embarrassing at all. Not so surprisingly, none of these competitors come close to […]