20MALEGAYNYC: Young Men Discuss Gay-On-Gay Hatred


Well, this is certainly a topic change from gaping anuses! Blake Pruitt‘s short-film documentary 20GAYMALENYC premiered on The Advocate yesterday afternoon with the intentions to explore perspectives on stereotypes, internalized homophobia and gay-on-gay hatred between young men in New York City. The project stemmed from Pruitt hearing his friends say things like “I hate gay guys”. If you’re interested in hearing more background, you can read a more detailed description from Pruitt here.

While I will wholeheartedly admit there were moments in 20GAYMALENYC that made me cringe and weep for the “youth”, I’ve got to admire that these kids have the balls to be so open about their identities and how they see the world. When I was their age (all seven years ago), I could have related to their concerns… But now? I’m a grumpy old man who thinks it’s blatantly stereotypical for young dudes to rebel against stereotypes and complain about Lady Gaga.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the short-film documentary 20MALEGAYNYC: