12 Awesome Things I Liked This Week


Welcome to another edition of “Awesome Things I Liked This Week“, the redheaded step-child of The Cock Buffet… Except redheads are extremely hot, so it’s more like the hideously ugly step-child that your mom left in the car with the windows up on a hot summer day.

Um, yeah! Clearly I’m not bitter that nobody reads these posts.

Today’s list of awesome things includes Billy Magnussen, Robbie Williams, rugby porn and Barack Obama‘s dick. If that’s not enough to intrigue you, then you should spin around in circles on my middle finger. Or my dick. <– The latter option would be sexier, to be completely honest.

– Dewitt

Click through to see this week’s list of awesome things:

Obama porn

1. Inspired by this week’s election results, someone created the most beautiful piece of art ever. This image somehow wound up on Colby Keller‘s blog Big Shoe Diaries… Does anyone know the artist who made this? I’d like to shake his hand suck his dick.

Billy Magnussen - his body is ready. For your penis.

2. Here’s a shot of actor Billy Magnussen in Vanya and Sonia and Who Cares Who Else Because Look At DEM LEGS. See more of this pretty boy motherfucker over here.


3. Disappointed by the absence of a Flashback Friday post today? You might enjoy Sissydude‘s post “dirty boys of old“.

David Arquette shirtless, hairy chest

4. Am I the only one who’s weirdly attracted to David Arquette right now (and forever)?

Matthew Stephen Herrick hairy ass GIF

5. Arch Noble makes me wonder if I should be watching Logo’s DTLA. What’s the deal with this show? Is it basically Hunting Season in Los Angeles, but with naked straight characters too? I feel so out of the loop!

6. Le1f, the incredible rapper behind “Wut“, gets very specific about the definition of a “twink“.


7. This cock. Enough said.


8. Patrick Sullivan designed a trio of posters for Vulture, envisioning three RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites as Bond girls. EAT IT!


9. Ramis Shlimon appears in an exclusive photo shoot for The Underwear Expert. I’m trying so hard to not chuckle over the name of the underwear he’s wearing.


10. Puppies! Homotography kept me sufficiently entertained this week. I was living for this fashion, and this shoot of Simon Sherry-Wood won me over with its sexy narrative. But overall? My heart belongs to former boy-bander Robbie Williams. Does anyone know if his new album‘s any good? Anyone? Anyone?


11. Does this website represent what newspaper underwear ads would look like in the wizarding world? Ten points to Gryffindor if you understand the reference.

12. I stumbled upon this rugby slut foursome on Tumblr, and I’ve watched the clip approximately 17 times already. Each time, it drives me crazy that the guy with the hairy ass doesn’t sit on the bottom’s face, yet I continue to believe that, if I watch this enough times, it’ll eventually happen… I believe this full movie is available from Triga Films? Just in case you’re interested.