10 Minutes On Manhunt

April marks the tenth anniversary of Manhunt, which got us thinking about the number 10 (we’re always deep in thought here at MH) and about our ten years of bringing the sexiest guys imaginable together. With 10 being on our minds, we wondered what our members are up to in just 10 minutes on Manhunt. So, we took a snapshot of the site’s activity last Thursday evening at 9 PM and here’s what we found.

To begin with, wow, you guys are checking each other out to the tune of 583,356 profiles viewed! Communication is  key on our site, especially when we noted that 121,956 messages were sent in just 10 minutes. I myself often peep profiles of dudes who get cranky over winks, but the rapid eye movement is still popular judging by the 9,096 winks…er, winked. It was also kind of sweet to see that the total for Users Blocked was fairly low. Maybe this is an indication that even if people aren’t hitting it off, they’re still trying to be respectful of each other?

And our favorite stat? 2,417 buddies were added in a very short amount of time. That’s what our site is all about – making connections between guys. And hot sex.

– J. Harvey